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Wo Are We?

About the Company

Established in 1988, Henan Tourism Group Company Limited, abbreviated as HTC,is one of the Executive Directors of CATS China Association of TravelService ) , member of IATA, and a founding member of Global Discovery. It has been listed among theTop100 International Travel Services in China every year since 1992 when thefirst Evaluation took place.It has 12 sub-companies at present including HenanForeign Affairs Tour Bus Company, Luoyang CITS, Dengfeng CITS, Sanmenxia CITS,Luoyang Peony Hotel, Zhengzhou Haitian Hotel, Henan E-Travel InformationNetwork etc. HTC has a friendly and efficient network in China and mainlyengages in inbound tour, outbound tour, domestic tour, chartered flight tourand services related to tour bus, hotel management, ticketing, etc. A group ofexperienced liaison and sales representatives, dedicated tour operators,qualified tour-guides & tour-escorts has been highly appreciated by our clients.HTC has accumulated rich experience in operating large-size groups, such as1000-pax students study tour, big incentive tours and other special tours. Wehad solely operated the direct charter flight form Zhengzhou to Hong Kong for15 years since 1985. Every year we launch different chartered flight tours toJapan, South Korea and Southeast Asia countries.

HTC is bold in marketing and human resources. Our aim is to be a stronginternational travel company. Hospitality, Trust and Cooperation are ourbeliefs. We are proud of being China Inbound Travel Specialist and OutboundTravel Expert.


Travel Business Introduction

Travel b usinessintroduction
Our main business includes inbound tourism, outbound tourism, domestic tourism,special tourism and tickets etc. Inbound tourism are divided into severaldepartments, which takes in charge of developing European and American markets,Japanese market, Korean market, Southeastern Asian market and Hongkong,Macauand Taiwan markets.

Thiswebsite is by European & American Department which is responsible for theinbound tourism business from English-speaking countries.

Henan is situated at theinterior of the mainland of China, far away from the international port. InHenan province when all travel agencies put an emphasis on receiving Europeanand American groups from travel agencies in other big cities, our company,since its establishment in 1988, has been insisting on direct contact withforeign trave companies ourselves. We keep marketing abroad 2 or 3 times a yearand have been attending big travel fairs like WTM in London as exhibitor foryears.


Corporate Culture

Henan,occupying the central part of China, briefly called “YU”, lies along the middleand lower reaches of Yellow River which is the cradle of Chinese civilization.With powerful politicians fighting for supremacy and dynasty alternatingfrequently, not only splendid and glorious cultural heritage, but also magnificentand refined tourism resources were left through a long history. “Elephant” isthe symbol of Henan.There is no doubt that it is the mission of HTC to havemore and more people learn about Yellow River, the cradle of Chinesecivilization, and know more about Henan. Accordingly, “Flying Elephant” waschosen as the logo of HTC.

The“Flying Elephant” is made up of three letters:   H (Henan) represents its limbs, while T(Travel) and C (China) represent its body and ear respectively.

●TheBusiness Philosophy that HTC stands for
H—Hospitality   T—Trust   C—Cooperation
HTC——Your Trust Worthy Friend!

●Enterprise Spirits:
Forge ahead in unity, truth-seeking and devotion