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By: Tony | January 04, 2015

Good News

Three new high-speed links connecting lanzhou-urumqi, guiyang-guangzhou andnanning-guangzhou starts operation on 26-Dec. With the openning of thelanzhou-urumqi that marking the succesful of the Chinese first plateau high-speed rail, the dream of “6 hours acrossing the qing gan xin border "become a reality.

The high speed train lanzhou-urumqi starts from lanzhou west railway station, then pass xining, zhangye, jiuquan, jiayuguan, the xinjiang uygur autonomous regionhami, turpan, into urumqi south station.With total of 21 stations and totallength of 1776 kilometers,it is known as the longest one-time construction mileage in the world. It takes around 11 hours and 50 minutes from lanzhou to urumqi with the p...

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